Article 14

Protection of vulnerable groups from eviction from the Court! An interesting intervention regarding the protection the home

Béla Németh v. Hungary 17.12.2020 (app. no. 73303/14)
The case concerned the applicant’s not being able to take possession of a property he had bought
owing to a legal moratorium on evictions. State bodies had been exempt from the moratorium. He
had had to wait two years before ultimately being able to exercise his ownership rights.
The Court found that the moratorium had had a basis in law, had served a legitimate interest, and, in
particular, had not deprived him of his legitimate expectation regarding ownership of the property,
merely delayed it.
The Court also found that the applicant’s situation had not been comparable to that of State actors
and as such he had suffered no discrimination

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The arrest of a protester violated her freedom of assembly because she could not participate in the demonstration. Police duty to protect LGBT community protesters from homophobic attacks

Berkman v. Russia 1.12.2020 (app. no. 46712/15)
The case  concerned a public LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) meeting in St Petersburg and the authorities’ failure to protect
participants from aggressive counter-demonstrators.
The Court found in particular that a State did not just have a duty under the Convention not to
interfere with the right to freedom of assembly. For that right to be genuine and effective, the
authorities also had an obligation to facilitate access to meetings and ensure participants’ safety.

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Termination of widow’s pension after the children came of age, because as a man is able to return to work. Violation of gender equality and family life

JUDGMENT Β. v. Switzerland  20.10.2020 ( app. no. 78630/12) see here SUMMARY The case concerned the widower’s pension to which the applicant had ceased to be entitled after his younger daughter had reached the age of majority. The Federal Law on Old-Age and Survivors’ Insurance provides that entitlement to a widower’s pension ends when the […]

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Police called lesbian women “sick” and “perverted” and carried out unwarranted physical searches. Conviction for degrading treatment of LGBT people.

JUDGMENT Aghdgomelashvili and Japaridze v. Georgia  08.10.2020 ( 7224/11) see here SUMMARY Police violence and LGBT community. Police operation in the office of an LGBT organization in Tbilisi. The applicants, who worked for the organization, complained that the police had insulted and threatened them, and that they had been subjected to degrading physical investigations. More […]

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Failure to provide of statutory specialised learning support to an autistic child in the first two years of primary school violated her right to education.

JUDGMENT G.L. v. Italy 10.09.2020 (app. no.  59751/15) see here SUMMARY The case concerned the inability for a young girl suffering from nonverbal autism (G.L.) to receive specialised learning support during her first two years of primary education (between 2010 and 2012) even though the support was provided for by law. The Government relied, in […]

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Eviction of Ukrainian Orthodox Church from a church and chapel demolition. Rejection due to lack of risk of irreparable damage to a fundamental right.

JUDGMENT «Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate in Crimea» v. Russia 01.09.2020 (app. 33931/19 and 33585/20). Interim Measures SUMMARY Eviction from a church and demolition of a chapel. Application for temporary measures by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Crimea, so that the Russian authorities do not evict them from the cathedral in Simferopol and […]

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Police violence during the arrest of Roma suspects. Inhuman and degrading treatment. Ineffective research

JUDGMENT R.R. and R.D. v. Slovakia 01.09.2020  (app. no.  20649/18) see here   SUMMARY Police violence. Inhuman and degrading treatment. Right to an effective investigation. The applicants, belonging to the Roma tribe, were arrested during a police operation in an area of ​​their camp and severely beaten on the grounds that they had resisted. The Constitutional […]

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The condition of adoption as recognition of the legal relationship between mother and child, born of a surrogate mother, does not constitute discrimination or violation of privacy.

JUDGMENT D. v. France 16.07.2020 (app. no.  11288/18) see here   SUMMARY  The case concerned the refusal to record in the French register of births, marriages and deaths the details of the birth certificate of a child born abroad through a gestational surrogacy arrangement in so far as the certificate designated the intended mother, who was […]

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Women’s prisons in Eleona Thebes. Detention conditions for HIV / AIDS detainees are satisfactory. Conviction for ineffective remedies

JUDGMENT Dikaiou and others v. Greece 16.07.2020 (no. 77457/13) see here  SUMMARY Conditions of detention of six HIV / AIDS applicants, held in the Eleona Thebes women’s prison before or after their irrevocable conviction. Lack of effective remedies by which they could terminate these conditions. The Court found that the general conditions of detention of […]

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Establishment of a non-renewable term for judges of the Constitutional Court of Armenia. The ECtHR refuses to issue interim measures.

JUDGMENT REGARDING INTERIM MEASURES Gyulumyan and others v. Armenia 08.07.2020 (no.  25240/20) SUMMARY  Non-renewable term in the constitutional court and the need to take interim measures due to impending irreparable damage to judges. In 2015, the Constitution of Armenia was revised, introducing a 12-year non-renewable term for the judges of the Constitutional Court and establishing […]

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